Love being a women, every day of the month.

Don't go another day without Comforté. Say goodbye to cramps. Women everywhere are discovering the wonderful relief Comforté offers. Make sure it's in your bag today!

Comforté is a topical cream made from all natural ingredients direct from the primordial forests of Africa. You simply apply a nickel sized drop to your palm and begin rubbing into sore and swollen areas to relive symptoms from periods. You can feel relief and relaxation flowing directly from your fingers to your pain. And your body chemistry is unaffected.

This is important to most women, especially young teenage girls who experience the onset of cramps early in life. When girls as young as 9 or 10 years old begin their cycle, many parents want to find an all natural solution that doesn't add hormones or chemicals into their daughters' bodies. What better remedy than an all-natural topical cream?

Natural remedies for PMS don't “invade“ a woman's body. They complement, caress, and comfort a woman though her own bodily processes. 

How fast does it work?

As with many natural remedies, it varies with each person. However, the vast majority of women report relief within minutes.

How long does it last?

Again, it depends on the user. Most women enjoy relief for many hours or for the rest of the day. And because this is an entirely all natural profit applied externally, you are free to use this natural remedy as often as you need!

How is it used?

Comfort.é is a thick gel that should be used as a topical application for PMS symptoms only. Simply squeeze a nickel sized drop on your hand and gently rub into your tummy, lower back or shoulders. Relief comes in minutes.

  • For best results
    Place a small dab of Comforté cream in your hands and rub from ovary to ovary before the onset of cramps. Massage across your abdomen for a few minutes to really penetrate and begin the magic. Best used across abdomen, lower back and breasts or anywhere you feel pain or discomfort. 
  • Mild Cramps
    At the first twinge or onset of cramping begin to massage your Comforté cream on any areas of discomfort and reapply every 1 tp 3 hours or as needed.
  • Moderate Cramps
    Begin massaging Comforté cream on the areas of discomfort a day prior to the onset then reapply every 2 to 3 hours or as needed. 
  • Intense Cramps
    Massage your Comforté cream across areas of discomfort 1 tp 2 days prior to your cycle. Reapply every 2 hours on intense discomfort areas.